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Tell Expedia to stop taking advantage of customers

I bought a flight for my girlfriend, Lucie, to visit me from Prague to Washington DC using Expedia. This was done at a total cost of $721. I completed all the mandatory fields, paid the agent via PayPal, and I received a confirmation with the airline booking code # 7AOZXX. I was excited to see her because I live and work here in the United States as a chef, but Expedia took advantage of me — now I need your help so they stop taking advantage of customers like me.

On August 14 the nightmare for Lucie started as she tried to check in for her flight in Prague. She was told that the reservation was not valid anymore. I later heard from Czech Airline that the flight was already canceled by Expedia months beforehand.

I was given no notice why, and Expedia didn’t even send any email about this matter.

I ended up using all my savings to book a new flight for almost twice as much as the first one from Prague to Washington DC and received a confirmation of the new flight via email.

I asked the travel agent to send me a confirmation email for this new flight and ask them also to send one email to my girlfriend as well.

The new flight from Prague to Washington went fine except Lucie was very upset that she had a horrible experience flying to see me. But then a week later after my Lucie wanted to board the flight back to Prague she was unable to do so. Brussels Airline told us that Expedia canceled the flight even though I was charged for it.

After spending again over 5 hours on the phone with 4 different agents who put me on hold or hung up when I asked to speak with a supervisor, this is still not resolved so I called my bank now and claimed a fraud against Expedia for cleaning out my account.

This is now the second time (I spend over $2000 for one round trip) and every time you call Expedia you just get some unhelpful, ignorant, incompetent and limited expected agent on the line who are unable to help. Not even the supervisors have a clue!

Somebody needs to stop this madness. Expedia is unable to do the job right. On Consumer Affairs I read that hundreds of people are having the same problem now and this really needs to end.
Nobody should go through this experience I just had and nobody should use Expedia for their travels because you’ll end up paying for something you never will receive.

As for now I needed to borrow money from my landlord to book a new flight for Lucie to get home to her family and two little daughters.

My total cost for this trip ended up to $2704 what should have been $721.
I want a total refund of this $2704 plus the fees on over charged phone bill of $220

please sign my petition to stop Expedia and reach my goal of  5000 and more supporters … THANK YOU

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